Peanut without skin with skin and of various calibers.


    Thin, medium, coconut flakes, with reduced and low fat levels.

  • CORN

    Is part of the new line of products from Francfort.



    Quality on the line of dried fruit.

Welcome to Francfort.

Welcome to the website of Frankfurt, founded in 2004, Frankfurt Trade is a private Brazilian company, oriented to the intermediation of food ingredients and international trade between companies, having the responsibility of sales and marketing. We operate in commercial representation and brokerage of products such as peanuts, grated coconut, spices, nuts and essential oils.

We have clients and suppliers in several continents, being the main ones: Africa, Europe, Asia and in the Americas. We also work in the Brazilian domestic market.

Our goal is to combine the common interest between buyers and sellers to establish long-term business relationships based on trust, commitment, quality and customer satisfaction.

Our main product is peanut and our company sells 15% of the exported volume of Brazilian peanuts. Our share of the grated coconut market in Brazil is 15%.

We currently work with six different Brazilian peanut factories that provide the best combination and quality and price. We look forward to participating in your future quotes requests.

Our Services

We operate independently in a interface function on time, not being in any way a part of the contract.


We originate the products that meet the needs of each client


We find the best clientes to buy and to sell the products


We carry out the whole process of commercial advice to delivery of your product


We carry out the whole process of import and export of various products of quality

We act independently in the performance of a specific interface function, we are not in any way a party on the contract.
We lead the negotiations and find the perfect agreement of the parties, confirming the business orally and formally through short mandates from several days to several months, on behalf of multiple clients (Buyer: Industrial, importers, distributors, etc. Seller: processors, exporters, etc.). We praise quick transactions and attention to minute details. Honesty and Integrity are also vital for us.

Get in Contact

Contact our team! We are available to address your questions.


Giovanni Gronchi, 6195

Room 204

São Paulo/SP – Morumbi

CEP 05724-003


+55 11 3798 0706

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